Thursday, September 20, 2012

No. 112 Freedome Park Camano Island

Freedom Park
Camano Island, WA            


What's close by??? English Boom Trail

Freedom Park on Camano Island is a 3 acres open area near Terry's Corner that begings at the fork of NE Camano Drive and E North Camano Drive. On the east end there is a community board with information pamphlets on the island and upcoming event. If you look carefully enough you can spot a T-Rex hiding in the parking lot. Behind the community board is children's playground for munchkins to let out some energy.
On the hill you can find a Ships Bell and a war memorial to WWII veterans of the area. Other areas include a bronze elephant, stone sculptures and a gazebo. To the west the park boarders on Terry's Corner which features small shops and the islands public library.

T-Rex in the Parking Lot
T-Rex in front of the Welcome Sign
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Ships Bell
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Totem Pole
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Steal Sculpture along HWy 537
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Veterans Memorial
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Stone Sculpture
Freedome Park, Camano Island
Bronze Elephant Sculpture
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