Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on the west side of San Juan Island, Washington

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No, 229 November is Aviation History Month

Celebrate Aviation History Month in November by visiting some of the best aviation museum in the Pacific Northwest featuring the male and female pioneers of aviation, the technology development, and the aircraft that kept and keeps pushing new heights for aviation.

Boeing Future of FlightFuture of Flight Boeing Tour - Everett, WA
Vought F7U-3 CutlassThe Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour offers the only opportunity to tour a commercial jet assembly plant in North America. The center and tour are made possible through the collaboration of the Boeing Company, Future of Flight Foundation, Snohomish County Public Facilities District and the Snohomish County Airport/Paine Field.

Museum of Flight Restoration Center - Everett, WA
In addition to the Seattle campus, the Museum of Flight operates a 23,000 square foot Restoration Center at Paine Field/Snohomish County Airport in Everett, Washington. The center is home to approximately three dozen aircraft in varying states of restoration by the Museum's volunteer restorers. Each project is a labor of love, sometimes requiring several years to complete. A group of dedicated volunteers works to restore each aircraft to exhibition quality which will then become part of static display at the Boeing Field location.

Museum of Flight SeattleMuseum of Flight -Seattle, WA
Historic Flight Foundation HangerThe Museum of Flight is located at the south west corner of Runway 13R/31L at Boeing Field-King County International Airport and is open daily and stays open late on First Thursday evenings, free of charge. The museum collection boasts over 85 different aircraft displayed in 9 different galleries  starting with the early manned flying machines to more modern jet aircraft. There are museum complex features nine indoor and outdoor galleries and air park and in 2012 The Museum of Flight was awarded NASA's retired Space Shuttle Crew Trainer. 

  Historic Flight Foundation - Everett, WA
Flying Heritage HangarHistoric Flight Foundation was established in 2003 as “John T. Sessions Historic Aircraft Foundation” with the intention to collect, restore, and share significant aircraft from the period between the solo Atlantic crossing of Charles Lindbergh and the first test flight of the Boeing 707. Throughout the intervening years, Historic Flight has acquired at least two aircraft annually and engaged the best restoration resources available to return the collection to original splendor.

Flying Heritage Collection - Everett, WA
Evergreen Boeing 747 indoor Water ParkThe planes within the Flying Heritage Collection were created at a time when aeronautical discovery had evolved to aviation mastery. Finely crafted by distinguished design bureaus with leading technologies of the 1930s and 1940s, the main emphasis of the collection includes combat aircraft from World War II. 

Evergreen Aviations & Space Museum

It takes a special company with a vision for seeing the large picture to take on the goal of collecting and preserving some of aviation's largest achievements. Evergreen International Aviation, Inc a company known for its heavy lifters such as the modified Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter Cargo Freighter, the forest fire fighting aerial Supertanker capable of dropping over 20,500 gallons of water or retardant and its fleet of heavy lift helicopters.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

No. 228 Birds of Skagit Valley Basin

It is time for another seasonal change. The fall colored leaves are falling to the ground and piling up in the driveway, the days are shorter and days increasingly colder and windy. Also traffic in and around shopping areas is increasing for the holiday shopping rush.
But us humans are not the only ones getting ready for a season change. Wildlife must prepare itself for the long winter as well. Around your home and in your neighborhood you may have noticed more squirrel activity and also some increased sighting of birds.
Washington State is an important stop for migrating bird species flying south for the winter. 
The Skagit Valley Basin lies along the Pacific Flyaway path for migrating birds flying south to California and Mexico for the winter and return north for the breeding grounds in Canada and Alaska. 

Spend some time around La Conner, Anacortes, Mount Vernon and Burlington farm lands and you will start to see more and more numbers of hawks, eagles, owls and other birds of prey as they arrive in Washington State.
Here are the first arrivals for the winter 2013-2014

Snow Geese arrival Mount Vernon, WA 2013
Snow Geese arrive in Mount Vernon along Pioneer Hwy
Pioneer Highway Farm house and a large flock of Snow Geese
I just flew in from Canada and boy are my wings tired
Snow Geese arrive in Mount Vernon, WA October 2013
Thousands of Snow Geese migrate to Skagit County for the winter 
Stalker from above.
Northern Harrier Hawks are also here in numbers
Harrier Hawk on the prowl
Harrier Hawk swoops low and silent over a field 
Northern Harrier Hawk in low level hunt mode Please Support Puget Exposure 

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