Sunday, August 4, 2013

No. 210 Longest Beach in the USA is right here in Long Beach, WA

City of Long Beach, Washington
Distance from Seattle: 171 miles
Distance from Portland, Oregon: 112 miles


 Long Beach Peninsula was established into a resort area in the 1880s by Henry Harrison Tinker who invested monies into land claims, built hotels and infrastructure to attract vacationers from the Portland area to western Washington's coast. People would board a ship in Portland, Oregon and float down the Columbia River to the Port of Ilwaco and would ride on horse drawn wagons up to "Tinkerville" now called Long Beach. In 1889 the Ilwaco Railway and Navigation Company laid  a narrow gauge railroad that ran up the whole peninsula which was in service until 1930 when automobiles and the push for a national highway system arrived in western Washington.
The 28 mile long peninsula lies between the Pacific Ocean and Willapa Bay is known for its abundant seafood harvest including the largest salmon run in the world, razor clams, halibut, cod and oysters. Half of the oysters harvested in the State of Washington come from the Long Beach Peninsula.
The soft yellow sand and warm summer temperatures attracted thousands of visitors to make the 8 hour ship/train voyage to Long Beach back in the late 1880s. Today people still converge on Long Beach for its resort town feel. Although there are no longer horse drawn wagons making their way up and down the beach you can still bring your own horse or take a guided horse back ride on the beach. Restaurants, museums, gift shops and kite shops keep downtown Long Beach bustling in the summer months.
There are around 1,300 people that live year round in Long Beach but during the summer months population numbers swell as tourists, vacationers and vacation home owners arrive in great numbers.
There are many fishing, food, and kite flying festivals that are held at Long Beach every year.
Although the temperatures can reach the mid 80s in the summer the pacific ocean is still very for swimmers but the wide beaches and boardwalk make beach walking easy and fun.

Orca Statue Long Beach, WA
Orca Statue downtown Long Beach
Long Beach, Washington
former "World's Largest Frying Pan" cast for the Razor Clam festival in 1941
Street Mural Long Beach, WA
Jake the Alligator Man Mural in Fish Alley
Evening Trot
Evening Beach Trot
Marsh's Free Museum Long Beach, WA Long Beach, WA

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