Monday, October 28, 2013

No. 226 Mount Rainer Reflection Lakes

One of the most photographed areas of Mount Rainier is of its south face from Reflection Lakes. Anytime you can combine a mountain and wide spanning mountain lake you are bound to make a stunning landscape image. That is of course if the weather and clouds cooperate with the photographer. Thousands of snap shooters, smart phone photographers and amateur to pro photographers make the drive around the south side of Mount Rainier and stop at Reflection Lakes. 
During summer the lake shore and hills sides are covered in colorful blooms of wildflowers. Reflection Lakes is closed to swimming and Fishing but nearby Louise Lake is open to fishing and wading. 
For a successful image plan on shooting at sunrise and sunset during the summer and fall months.
 Mount Rainier is so large and tall that is has its own weather pattern. Which can make taking a photograph tricky. Fast moving high winds can blow in clouds and also clear the south face in just a few minutes. Most photographers make multiple trips up and down the national park. If you have the time to spend a few hours in the park take a notepad with you and write notes about places, mile markers, and description of the trail, area for your Scouting Tips. 
Mount Rainier National Park is so vast that you could spend years hiking the trails and revisiting spots during various times of the year and see Mount Rainier in different light every time. 
For current road conditions and closures visit the official Mount Rainier National Parks Page
Other useful websites to plan your visit

Mount Rainier National Park
Late summer view from Reflection Lakes
Two Mountains, One Shot
Fall Colors at Reflection Lakes - Mike Hoy
Reflection Lakes, Mount Rainier
Snow and Ice at Reflection Lakes - Steve Vought
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