Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No. 69 Alien Spaceship has landed in Everett, WA

Saucer Landing Zone

11928 Beverly Road, Everett

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"Landing Zone" sculpture by artist Peter Reiquam

For Paine Field Community Park in So. Everett, artist Peter Reiquam  integrated a new kind of community gathering place with a whimsical plaza shelter in the form of a sixteen foot diameter flying saucer.

Landing Zone, takes a humorous spin on the theme of flight with a futuristic spaceship that acts as a shelter, “moon rocks”  or basalt seating  and a cast concrete “X” bench that marks the perfect spot for a lunar landing.
 Paine Field Community Park is located at 11928 Beverly Road, Everett.
Landing Zone was recognized by the American for The Arts as one of the best public artworks of 2010.


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