Saturday, July 7, 2012

No. 65 Loganberry Lane Dog Park

Map of the Loganberry Dog Park in Everett, WA

Loganberry Lane off-leash dog park is located in a wooded area between Kasch Park Athletic Complex and Walter Hall Golf Course. The main play area and trail head is  at the end of Loganberry Lane in south Everett, WA. off of 100th Street

loganberry sign

Loganberry Lane Off-Leash is open year round and offers a large open area to play fetch and mingle with other dogs and a series of trails that you can mix and match on different visit. You can make a loop around the outer trails and back to your car in under 20min or add smaller trails to extend your visit and tire out your pet. Dog Bags and a freeze proof drinking fountain are available near the parking area.

loganberry sign
Water Fountain near the entrance to the dog park
One of the many trail intersection through out the park
foot bridge loganberry
Towards the north end of the park area series of small ponds that fill up with rain water. They do get kind of funky smelling with the foilage decay. Keep an eye on your pup to avoid a swamp thing in the back seat of your car
Fungi Loganberry
You can view seasonal changes through out the park. During early spring you can see a lot of mushrooms on the ground and on the trees
The park offers plenty of trails to mix things up
The best time to go is during dry weather or a day after a heavy rain storm. Most of the trail is covered in bark but the trails do become muddy especially at the bottom of the grades.
Majority of dogs are both Friendly and Social.
If your dog isn't a social bug you get them their excersize out on the trail


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