Monday, July 16, 2012

No. 75 2012 Arlington Fly-In

Recap of waking the fight line at EAA Arlington and hot air balloon burn.

This past weekend we where up in Camano Island trying out the fishing gear and canoe for the first time along the west side of Camano Island. After all the rain, sweat and sore muscles we ended up with 1 rock crab that we made into a Potato and crab salad..yumm

Saturday night we drove down to Arlington for dinner then off to the Arlington Municiple Airport for the 2012 Fly-In. I have scene most of the planes and static displays in previous years so the main interest of the night was going to be the Hot Air Balloon Burn.
In previous years there were more participating balloons and a longer and choreographed to music show. This year there were only 4 Balloons and more of a random burn show. Hopefully they will go back to the old format.

Here are the shots from the Night Burn

Ground crews setting up for the night burn
Ground Crews Set up the baskets and prep the envelope

Ground crew filling up the Balloon
Ground crews layout the Balloon Envelope and use a gas powered fan to inflate the envelope
Flame on
Pilots add hot air to inflate the envelope
Heating up the large balloon
The Envelope starts to raise as the propane flame heats up the air inside
Ground Crew starts the rise burn
Raising the balloon
Raise of the Balloons
Second Hot Air Balloon starts its rise
All Burn at Sunset
The four Hot Air Balloons ready for the show
All Burn Hot Air Ballons @KAWO
All Burners on


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