Sunday, September 23, 2012

No. 115 Hamilton Viewpoint Park

Hamilton Park
1531 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA


Hamilton Park in West Seattle neigborhood is one of the best places to get sweeping views of downtown Seattle from across Elliott Bayfor both evening sunsets and early morning sunrises. Depending on weather conditions so can also see the westerns ide of the cascade mounatin range behind the city skyline.
The park hours are 4am to 11pm and there is a gate at the entrance to the parking lot.
In spring and summer the bluff has full shrubs and trees that add to the foreground. In late fall and winter the viewpoint opens up more. Some locals even ski and snowboard here when there is enough snow on the ground to build moguls.

Hamilton Viewpoint Seattle, WA
Sunrise shot from the railing around 5am
Hamilton Viewpoint Seattle, WA
Recent fire in central Washington cast and orange and red tones into the atmosphere
Hamilton Viewpoint Seattle, WA
Seattle Skyline at 450mm
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