Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No. 109 Everett Marina

Port of Everett Marina
Fletcher Way
Everett, WA

Created in 1918, the Port of Everett is situated on Port Gardner Bay at the mouth of the Snohomish River. With over 2000 boats ranging in length from dingis and kayaks, to small and larger motor yachts to tall sailboats there something for every one's dream of owning a boats. The floating docks are gated and only open to boat owners and guests but with a mid zoom range lens you can get in quite close on the hull details from the walk way that goes around the complex. Plenty of reflection shot opportunities available through out the day.
You can see a lot of bird activity from gulls, geese, and blue herons to sea life such as pacific harbor seals swimming between the boats to larger animals such as minke, grey whales and killer whales in the channels. Sunsets are dramatic weather permitting.

Everett Marina sunset
Sailboat Masts Silhouette
Everett Marina Docks
Everett Marina from the sidewalk

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