Friday, December 28, 2012

No. 151 Gum Wall

The Market Theater Gum Wall
1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101


Located on the north end of Post Alley, underneath Pike Place Market, sticks the growing city and touristy attraction of the Gum Wall. Things started to stick in the early 1990s, when people, irritated that they had to wait in line to get tickets to the Market Theater, stuck chewing gum on the wall. At first, they would use the gum to stick small coins to the wall, but in time, the tradition of the coins disappeared, and the gum remained.
Theater attendants scraped the Gum Wall twice, but gave up in 1999, when it became a certified tourist attraction of Seattle. Now it is filled with thousands of pieces of chewing gum, of any color imaginable. And, as the wall grows, the chewing gum art becomes more sophisticated. You’ll find names written with pieces of gum, and symbols like hearts or the peace sign.
But, the Seattle Gum Wall is also one of the germiest tourist destinations on Earth. In a ranking made by Trip Advisor, it came in second place, after Ireland’s Blarney Stone.

Post Alley- Pike Market Post Alley- Pike Market Gum Wall - Post Alley Gum Wall - Post Alley Gum Wall - Post Alley Gum Wall - Post Alley

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