Monday, August 6, 2012

No. 85 United States Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstartion team at SeaFair

One of my personal highlight of Seattle's annual Seafair in July/August is the arrival of the
United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron 'The Blue Angels".

Blue Anel No. 5 pulls 7.5G and Strake Vapor

LT C.J. Simonsen in Blue Angel Solo Ship No. 5 banks hard left to show off the F/A-18 Hornet minimim turn radius

The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron. It was formed in 1946,making it the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. The Blue Angels' six demonstration pilots fly the F/A-18 Hornet in more than 70 shows at 34 locations throughout the United States each year, where they still employ many of the same practices and techniques used in their aerial displays in 1946. An estimated 11 million spectators view the squadron during air shows each year. The Blue Angels also visit more than 50,000 people a show season (March through November) in schools and hospitals. Since 1946, the Blue Angels have flown for more than 260 million spectators.
Blue Angels arriving at center point for going top
Blue Angel Squadron arrives at show box center point Sunday
Line-Abreast Loop – the most difficult formation maneuver to do well. No.5 joins the diamond as the 5 jets fly a loop in a straight line
Blue Angel No.1 through No. 5 match speed for the Abreast Loop
Blue Angels over Bellevue, Washington
Blue Angels over downtown Bellevue, WA
From various areas around Seattle you can see and hear the Blue Angels practice. Thursday and Friday are practice days with a morning and afternoon session. For the two training days and two air show days both bridges north of the show box will be closed to car and pedestrian traffic. If you are looking to avoid the weekend crowd getting out during the week to see the full practice session is a good option.

Blue Angels Dirty Loop
Blue Angel Diamond in "Dirty Loop" Flight Configuration
Blue Angel No. 6 heads west after the Solos Opposing Horizontal Rolls
Blue Angel Opposing Solo Pilot LT Dabid Tickle heads west to setup up for a Sneak Run

Blue Anel No. 5 pulls 7.5G and Strake Vapor
Opposing Solo Ship Blue Angel No. 6 pulls 7g's turn with strake vapor
Navy Blue Angels "Fat Albert on a Parade Photo Pass"
Blue Angel C-130 Transporter "Fat Albert" on a slow photo pass along the shoreline

Video Recap of Blue Angel Departures and Arrival at Boeing Field Airport, Seattle Washington


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