Sunday, February 2, 2014

No. 236 12th Ave South Bridge, Dr Jose Rizal Bridge

Built in 1911, the 171 foot long 12th Avenue South Bridge remains Washington State's oldest steel-arch bridge. The bridge connects Dearborn Street in the International District to Beacon Hill. In the past the bridge spanned trolley lines. By 1936 the trolley lines were removed and a 40 foot roadway was installed. In the 1960s the bridge underwent improvements as the Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 interchange was built.

Bridge (later Rizal Bridge), Seattle, October 24, 1917
Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives
12th Avenue South Bridge or Dearborn Street Bridge (later Rizal Bridge), Seattle, February 16, 1937
Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives

The 12th Ave South Bridge is a good vantage point for sunset shots of the downtown Seattle Stadium District with the Olympic Mountains in the background. Depending on the time of year the sunset will set just behind the downtown buildings. It is also a popular location for longe exposure photography with I-5 & I-90 snaking it way through the frame. 
You can find parking north of the bridge adjacent to the Pacific Med Building and Dr Jose Razal Park.

12th Street Sunset Seattle
Sunset by David Irons Jr
12th Ave South Bridge
Dr. Razal Dog Park view
12th Ave South Bridge
Century Link Field and downtown Seattle from Dr. Jose Razal Dog Park
12th Ave South Bridge
I-90 Overlook
12th Ave South Bridge
East and West spurs of I-90 passing under 12th Ave Bridge 
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