Friday, February 7, 2014

No. 239 The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition
Pacific Science Center
200 Second Ave. N. | Seattle, WA 98109

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine: The Exhibition, a collection of 100 large-format photographs of food taken by Nathan Myhrvold and his team at Modernist Cuisine, premiered October 26, 2013, at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. The exhibit illuminates the fascinating, accessible science at work every day in our kitchens and runs through Monday February 17, 2014 

Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking and Modernist Cuisine at Home, both coauthored and published by Myhrvold, won recognition from critics and readers alike for their innovative and engaging photography. Now the creators of these award-winning books have combed through their library of more than 500,000 photographs and identified 100 of their best imagesmany of them new or previously unpublishedto display for the exhibit.
The exhibit will run through February 17, 2014, and then travel worldwide for three years. It will be accompanied by The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, a book showcasing 405 Modernist Cuisine photos in a coffee-table-worthy print size of 13 in by 163⁄8 in. The majority of the exhibition photos are included in the 312-page book. Written by Nathan Myhrvold and published by The Cooking Lab, The Photography ofModernist Cuisine will be on sale by mid-October 2013 . 

Ashy Embers, Above and Below - Ryan Matthew Smith 

Levitating Burger - Ryan Matthew Smith 

The Hidden Garden - Ryan Matthew Smith 
Old-School Canning Cutaway - Ryan Matthew Smith


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