Thursday, June 14, 2012

No. 51 Kerry Park

Kerry Park 
 250 W Highland Dr
Queen Ann Hill, Seattle, WA 

Downtown Seattle from Kerry Park

If your looking for that picturesque post card image of Seattle then head over to Queen Anne Hill to Kerry Park. At just over 1 acre the parks has the best viewpoint looking out over downtown Seattle Skyline, Elliott Bay and the Seattle Skyline, with an occasional backdrop of Mount Rainier, draws tourists on foot and photographers to this spot. At sunset they often line the hand rails just as the city and the sound are beginning to glow with lights. At night it becomes almost a fantasy scene, with brightly lit ferries gliding across the water and the Space Needle shining from its 500-foot pedestal.
 Kerry park tends to be a little windy - so a sturdy tripod will be very useful. Check the weather outlook for clear morning and evening. Mount Rainier only is visible in certain conditions. . The best sunset colors are usually in summer but some of the most delicate hues are in spring - usually the day before/after a storm.

Wide view of downtown Seattle skyline from Kerry Park
Wide Angle view from Kerry Park

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