Thursday, March 13, 2014

No. 247 Wildlife is on the Move

The bags are packed and the big spring migration is happening all over Washington for the next few weeks. Both on land and under pacific waters hundreds of thousands of animals including birds, insects, mammals and fish are making their spring migration from warmer southern grounds to their summer northern habitats as the snow and ice retreat from rivers, valleys and mountain sides. 

Gray Whales
The annual gray whale migration is under way with many sightings of gray whales entering Strait of Juan de Fuca, between the Olympic Peninsula, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. Whale watchers will have plenty of opportunities in March/April to see gray whales just off shore around sandy bottom beaches.

Dust off your binoculars and bring out your long camera lenses while outdoors. Tundra geese are arriving in eastern Washington, Sand Cranes are headed to Alaska, and keep an eye open for new large nest in trees around rivers and beaches. Bald Eagle pairs are searching for nesting areas to raise their young. Eagle breeding season is usually between January and March depending on climate, weather, and food availability. 
Remember to keep your distance when observing wildlife 
Birds of Prey such as Eagles, Hawks and Falcons may be on the top of the food chain in the animal world but they need privacy and quiet to breed. Human disturbance to the nesting area can result in a breeding pair to abandon a nest. Use binoculars and spotting scopes for up close viewing and keep a reasonable distance. 

Gray Whales 


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