Friday, September 13, 2013

No. 219 Snohomish Pumpkin Hurl and Medieval Faire

 Pumpkins Fly & Die and Armored Warriors battle it out!

Trebuchets and other launching devices hurl pumpkins! On Saturday, it's a crazy competition! On Sunday it's All Chunkers Welcome: bring and demo your chunkin device just for fun, or get a chance to launch a pumpkin with our air cannon or man-powered trebuchets. The Free Lancers, our mounted knights, battle on horseback both days!

PLAY in our Medieval Village!
Experience so many hands-on activities, mock battles (for adults and kids!), artisans &music from Mar Cher. Learn the rules of chivalry. Historical Experts the Knights of Veritasshare real relics and reveal true history. Enjoy craft vendors and a wide variety of food too.


WHERE: Alexander Farm

TICKETS: $7.50 per person
Children 4 and under free.
$5.00 parking per car

**Wear sturdy shoes or boots. This event is in a farm field.
**Ground may be too bumpy for strollers.
**NO PETS ALLOWED. Service animals are welcome.
**Entry & parking can be paid with credit/debit. However you may wish to bring cash for food & craft vendors and other amusements!


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