Sunday, June 2, 2013

No.188 North Creek Park, Mill Creek, Washington

North Creek Park
1011 183rd Street SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Driving Directions
From the city of Mill Creek, follow the Bothell-Everett Hwy. south to 183rd Street; turn right; travel approximately 1/4  mile; park is on the right.

Mill Creek's floating Boardwalk offers a quick getaway and side of nature in suburbia

North Creek Park features a modern play ground area and around 80 acres of wetlands adjacent to the former homestead of the Bailey Farm. The Baily Farm, founded in 1891 by pioneer John Bailey, had 160 acres of farmland that once was home to cattle, dairy cows, and horses.  Ruth Bailey, the founders daughter-in-law, was the last person to work the farm and a steadfast proponent against the fast moving urbanization happening in and around Mill Creek. She did not want to see her families farm turned into asphalt parking lots and homes so she shooed away eager property buyers until her death in 1999.
By 2003 the entire homestead had been sold. Snohomish County purchased around 80 acres and private investors bought up the rest of the property.
Currently there is a 400 unit townhouse and condo complex being built at the south end of North Creek Park named Bailey Farms.
North Creek begins as a bubbling brook 12 miles away in south Everett and eventually drains into the Sammamish River. The wetlands of North Creek park act as a giant 80 acres flood plane for the Mill Creek area. The wetlands is home to many varieties of birds including ducks, herons, hawks, eagles and tiny song birds.
In 2012 Snohomish County refurbished and fitted the 3/4 mile long boardwalk with floatation allowing the boardwalk to rise and fall with the current water table within the wetlands.

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