Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No. 165 Bowman Bay, Whidbey Island

Bowman Bay

Bowman Bay is located just north of the Deception Pass Bridge off of Highway on Fidalgo Island. The bay is separated from Lottie Bay to the south by a small and growing sand bar but it still is subject to tidal changes. Check current tidal conditions before your arrival to predict access to the shoreline.
Until the late 1800s, this calm-watered cove was the site of a large Samish village, one of several that existed near Deception Pass.  Evidence of their presence in the area remains in the form of thick groves of Nootka rose that grow atop iron-rich shell middens.
Before receiving its modern name, Bowman Bay was known as “Reservation Bay” due to the period in which it was a military reservation.  In the early 1900s, Bowman Bay was one of several modern-day park areas set aside for military use.  The area was eventually renamed in honor of Amos Bowman, who was one of the first white settlers on Fidalgo Island.  Nearby Anacortes is amalgamation of “Anna Curtis,” Bowman’s wife.  At the turn of the century, Bowman had a wooden dock built at the bay in hopes that it would become a major port, but Bowman’s dream was never realized.

Bowman Pier, Deception Pass
Looking out towards the Puget Sound from Bowman Pier
Bowman Sound Low Tide
Low Tide at Bowman Bay
Bowman Sound Low Tide 2
Another low angle view of Bowman Pier
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