Thursday, October 4, 2012

No. 124 Paine Field Attraction

Paine Field Attraction
Paine Field Airport
Everett, WA

Paine Field in south Everett, WA about 30 miles north of Seattle is a unique airport. It is home to over 615 aircraft, including small, single engine recreational aircraft, corporate jets and brand new Boeing Corporation Production facilities of the 777, 787 and 747s.
spacerPaine Field is becoming a major tourist destination with the opening of the new Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, the Flying Heritage Collection and the Historic Flight Foundation.  Other attractions include  Legend Flyers, which is building Me-262 aircraft, and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center.
In addition to aviation attractions its close proximity to the city of Mukilteo offers excellent view of the Puget Sound from Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, Howarth Park and Harborview Park. There is also recently established wetlands on the east side of the airfield called Narbeck Wetlands.

To read more information on the various attractions read their corresponding articles

Boeing Future of Flight TourFuture of Flight Boeing Tour
Daily 8:30am to 5:30pm

Flying Heritage Hangar
Flying Heritage Collection
Tuesday through Sunday 10am to 5pm

Historic Flight Foundation HangerHistoric Flight Foundation
Thursday through Sunday 10am to 5pm
Lockheed Jetstar CL-329 Prototype

Museum of Flight Restoration Center 
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 9am to 5pm


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