Friday, May 4, 2012

No. 28 2012 Pacific Northwest Air Show Calendar

Its getting warmer and the skies are getting that means the sights, sounds and smells of airshow season 2012 is about to begin. This is a great time of year for #avgeek such as myself interested in viewing vintage World War II era aircraft showing off their capabilities. One of the first dates for the 2012 season is happening tomorrow at Arlington Municipal Airport. If your in the Arlington area on Saturday swing on by to see the displays.

Participating museums

 2012 Vintage Airshow Circuit in the Pacific Northwest  
May 5th Arlington Airport Appreciation Day, KAWO
May 12th Alaska Airlines Day, KSEA
May 19th Paine Field Aviation Day, KPAE
May 26th Bremerton Pilot association Day 70th Anniversary KPWT
May 28th Memorial Day Flights, KPAE
June 2nd & 3rd War Bird Weekend, KPAE
June 9th Historic Flight Day, KPAE (ZERO Deput)
June 15th-18th Collins Foundation, KPAE (IL2 Deput)
June 16th Olympia Airshow, KOLM
June 30th Historic Fligh-Over, Open House Naval Station Everett
June 30th Pacific Legends Day, KPAE
July 11th ~ July 15th EAA Arlington Fly-In, KAWO
July 14th Flying Heroes , Museum of Flight KBFI
July 21/22nd JBLM Expo
July 21st Princeton Airshow British Columbia, CYDC
July 21st Friday Harbor Fly-in, KFHR
July 24th Rolls Royce Demo, KPAE
July 27th~July 29th Concrete Fly-In
July 28th Fighter Evolution Day, KPAE
August 1st Meet the Fleet, Seattle Water front
August 11th Luftwaffe Day, KPAE
August 17th&18th Props and Ponies, KPAE
August 25th Battle of Britain, KPAE
August 31st~September 1st Vintage Aircraft Weekend, KPAE
September 8th Rolls Royce, KPAE
September 15th American Air Power Day, KPAE
September 29th Ground Attack Day, KPAE

2012 Pacific North west Airshow Calendar
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