Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No. 29 2012 Arlington Airport Appreciation Day

This past Saturday started off my 2012 Air Show season. I read online that a local vintage aircraft museum was bringing in some aircraft to Arlington Airport KAWO for static display. I called the airport manager to find out a schedule of activities and to get some security questions answered. After narrowing the day down to what I wanted to see I call the museum to find out there "wheels up time." The pilots planned on a VFR departure at 7am. So my next step was to pack my ThinkTankPhoto Speed Freak V2 with gear I wanted on hand for the arrival of the aircraft. Made sure my camera and scanner batteries were charged, memory cards formatted and placed in camera. So I don't have to run  around in the morning looking for batteries or lost memory cards making the 6:30am departure more easy. I got to the airport just after 7am and stayed close to the taxi way incase I heard the flight of 2 warbirds coming in to the patterns for landing. I had about 45min to shoot other aircraft parked on the ramp. I kept an eye on the wind indicator mid field to know which direction they would be landing and about 8am I heard the flight of two calling out their position on Unicom, since this is non towered airport. Made my way to the north end of the ramp and set up my 300mm f4 on a tripod and waited for them to breakout of formation and sequence for landing. Prints are available. Contact me if interested. Here are my shots

Yakovlev Yak-52 Yakovlev Yak-52 Yakovlev Yak-52 R
Piper played its last tune ~ N5782Y PA-23 The Break Up North American T-6A Texan arrival North American T-6A Texan arrival Touchdown of P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin" North American T-6A Texan taxi Taxiing in P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin" Alpha Jet N42NV North American T-6A Texan Dornier Gmbh ALPHA-JET N42NV Parked in position P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin" Wing Detail P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin" P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin"


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