Saturday, May 2, 2015

No. 308 2015 PNW Air Show Event Calendar Dates

2015 Air Show Event Dates

"HFM" Heritage Flight Museum 
Base: Skagit Regional Airport - Burlington, Washington

"HFF"  Heritage Flight Foundation
Base: KPAE West Side Paine Field - Everett, Washington

"FHC" Flying Heritage Collection
Base: KPAE East Side Paine Field - Everett, Washington

"OFM" Olympic Flight Museum
Base: KOLM Olympia Regional Airport - Olympia, Washington

"VAM" Vintage Aircraft Museum
Base: Concrete Regional Airport - Concrete, Washington

All dates subject to weather, aircraft and pilot availability. Please visit the host websites for current status updates prior to events

Date           Location / Host               Event                        Possible Aircraft Flight Demonstration 
March 21   Skagit Regional / HFM  Fly Day                T-6s Formation
April 18     Skagit Regional / HFM  Fly day                 T-6s Formation
May 9th     Paine Field / HFF       Battle of Britain      Spit Fire, Hurricane
May 16th   Paine Field                 Aviation Day           DC-3, Staggerwing, Chinook, Blackhawk, P-47,                                                                                     F6F, IL-2
May 16th   Skagit Regional / HFM       Fly day          T-6s Formation
May 25th   Paine Field / FHC       Tankfest                 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1 Abrams, B-25
June 19th   Paine Field / HFF      Biplane Weekend    Staggerwing, Travel Air, Waco
June 20th   Paine Field / FHC      Pacific Legends      P-51, F6F, P-40, A6M
June 27/28  Olympia Airport / OFM     OLM Air Show      FG-1D, P-51, T-6, C-45
July 4th      Paine Field / HFF                                      Static Displays Car Show
July 9/10    Arlington Airport       Fly - In                    B-25, Biplanes, Aerobatics
July 18th    Skagit Regional / HFM       Fly Day          T-6s Formation
July 17/19   Hillsboro, OR           Oregon International
July 24/25   Concrete 3WS/ VAM        Concrete Fly In
July 25th    Paine Field / FHC      Sky Fair                  Mig 15, F-86, DC3, P-47, B-25, A6M
July 25th    Boundary Bay            Bay Air Show        B-25, F8F
August 7/9 Abbotsford, BC        International Air Show   B-25, P-51
Aug 15th    Paine Field / FHC      V-Day                    P-47, P-51, F6F
Aug 29       Paine Field / FHC     Luftwaffe Day        B-17, Bf109, Fw 190, Storch
Aug 29       Felts Field / HFF        Neighbors Day      B-25, C-45
Sept 4/6      Paine Field / HFF      Vintage Aircraft Weekend
Sept 19th    Paine Field / FHC      Battle of Britain      Bf 109, Spitfire
October 17  Skagit Regional / HFM    Fly Day            T-6s Formation


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