Thursday, August 7, 2014

No. 293 Guide to Aviation Photography

A practical how-to guide to photographing aircraft for anyone
from air show enthusiasts to those aspiring to be professional aviation photographers. Simply defined, aviation photography is the taking photos of airplanes. But behind the scenes of this seemingly simple act are a number of critical elements: aircraft scheduling, lighting, spotting locations, diversions, and sometimes interactions with law enforcement officials. In this guide I will talk about finding locations suitable for photographing aircraft, the equipment I use, camera settings, basic photographic concepts and techniques and discuss basic aviation knowledge in order for you to improve your photography for years to come.

There are 86 pages and 73 images in 8 chapters covering everything from airport layout, camera gear, what to pack, how to find air shows, where to stand, different camera settings and techniques to help you improve your aviation photography. 


Some samples of the book:


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