Thursday, April 4, 2013

No. 174 2013 Pacific North West Air Show Calendar

2013 Vintage and GA Air Show Circuit in the Pacific Northwest  

Version 1.1 updated 4/5/2013

These flights are planned activities, but somewhat tentative, based on weather conditions, pilot availability and the mechanical condition of the aircraft. Decisions to cancel an air show or specific aircraft may not be made until shortly before the flight, so if you have a concern please contact the organizer for up to the minute details

*April 12th Flying Heritage Collection Hangar 2 Grand Opening, Free Entry 11am-5pm

*May 18th Paine Field Aviation Day, KPAE Hurricane/Zero

*May 23rd - 27th EAA B-17 Flights, MoF KBFI
*May 25th Cascade Warbirds Fly-In, Mof KBFI

*June 8th Flying Tigers Day FHC KPAE P-40/Zero
*June 14th-16th Collings Foundation, HFF KPAE B-17/B-24/P-51
*June 15th Father's Day FHC P-51/P-47
*June 16th War Bird Weekend, HFM, KBLI
*June 21st - 25th Collings Foundation, MoF KBFI B-17/B-24/P-51
*June 29th Pacific Legends Day FHC , KPAE
*July 4th Tacoma Freedom Fair Air Show, Commencement Bay, Tacoma, WA
*July 6th Tacoma Freedom Fair Wings & Wheels Tacoma Narrows Airport, Tacoma, WA
*July 11th ~ July 13th EAA Arlington Fly-In, KAWO
*July 13th American Heroes Air Show /Helicopter Day, MoF, KBFI
*July 13th~14th Olympic Airshow KOLM
*July 20th Allied Aces Day, HFF, KPAE Spitfire/P-51
*July 20nd/21st JBLM Expo, KTCM
*July 26th-28th  Tri-City Water Follies - Over the River Airshow Kennewick, Pasco, WA
*July 31- August 2nd Seafair KBFI/Lake Washington F/A18, B-25, Patriots, Zero, A-10, C-135
*August 17th Luftwaffe Day, HFF, KPAE BF 109/FW 109, Storch
*August 17th Props and Ponies, HFM, KBLI  
*August 30th~September 1st Vintage Aircraft Weekend, HFF, KPAE B-25/P-40/P-51/F7F/F8F/DC3
*September 7th Battle of Britain, FHC,  KPAE BF 109/Spitfire
*September 21st Air War over Russia Day, HFC, KPAE IL-2/FW 109


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