Saturday, September 24, 2011

No. 14 "Final Mission" closing 2011's Fly Day Schedule

Saturday September 25th, 2011
Mukilteo, WA

The 2011 Schedule of Free Fly-Days at KPAE Paine Field in Mukilteo, WA came to a close this Saturday. There were over 24 weekends filled with sights and sounds of over 80 different types of flying machines both radial and jet aircraft, fixed wing and rotor wing.  Most areas of the country might see one or two local airshows or pancake fly-ins spread out over the summer but the Pacific Northwest boast almost 5 months of non stop vintage radial engine goodness. And these restored aircraft aren't just sitting pretty in a museum, they have soaked oil pans under their engines, they are part of a living museum collection. Many of the vintage aircraft are restored to flying condition.
I have been to probably over 50 aircraft museums across the USA and in Europe. Scene hundreds of vintage WWII on display, watch many hours of documentaries and movies featuring civilian and combat aircraft. But nothing beats the sights and sounds of radial engine cranking over on start up and then getting to her fly.
From now until spring 2012 there will be those impromptu days when the weather is just too nice not to fly, but those wont be listed publicly until the day or hour of.

For real time updates of events here are some local Social Media accounts for museums to follow

Historic Flight Foundation         Facebook  Twitter  Website

Flying Heritage Collection        Facebook    Website

Heritage Flight Museum           Facebook    Twitter  Website

"Final Mission" 2011

Heritage Flight Foundations B-25J is that of "number 810"

1943 B-25 Mitchel Bomber "Grumpy"

Heritage Flight Foundations B-25J is that of "number 810"


1943 B-25D Mitchel Bomber "Grumpy"

1943 B-25 Mitchel Bomber "Grumpy"

Flying the "Final Mission" 2 B-25 WII era bombers bring the 2011 Fly Day Season to a close


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