Monday, August 29, 2011

No. 09 Planespotting, Dreamliner Certification Flight Boeing Field

Boeing Dreamliner H/B787 is now certified :) Headed down to KBFI to watch some planes take off to north over Georgetown. While I was on way to the airport I checked with to see which aircraft were enroute or filed for departure. Among the departures were two Boeing 787 dreamliners. Since airplanes were landing to the north I parked along S. Hardy Street at the north end of Boeing Field and walked around the small hill looking for a clear shot down the runway.

BOE004 H/B787 takeoff 31L 

BOE006 H/B787 Lifting off RWY 31L

BOE004 H/B787 from below

Belly Shot of BOE004 H/B787

Shoulder Bag to Belt Pack - The Speed Convertibles


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